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1000t/h aggregate production line equipment

Sand making machine is a kind of professional sand making equipment which used in the production of sand and gravel
In response to the market demand for sand and gravel, Haiwang developed complete equipment of 1000t/h sand and gravel production line. Haiwang's sand making machine adopts advanced sand making technology, and maximum close to crushing, eroding friction, natural washing and so on produced by natural sand. The process set grain type optimization, gradation adjustment, moisture control, environmental protection in one to produce reasonable grade, granular rounded, containing powder controllable finished sand.

The working principle of Haiwang sand making machine is:
The raw material is firstly dropped vertically into the high-speed rotating impeller by the upper part of the machine. Under the action of centrifugal force, the material is thrown out and collided with the perimeter plate. After the rotor accelerates out of collision,friction with the surrounding scattered material, and then collision,friction,crushing,rebound with the perimeter board to form circular blow,the materials finally discharged from the discharging port of the machine, and then screened by the screening equipment to achieve the required size of finished products.
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