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Details Make Boutique, Qualities Form Future

Haiwang Quality, Global Famous
There is a quality called "perseverance"
There is a quality called “strength”
There is a quality called "strive for excellence"
There is a quality called “Haiwang quality”

Details Make Boutique, Qualities Form Future
Lao Tzu said “Deal with the difficult while yet it is easy;
Deal with the big while yet it is small.
The difficult problems of the world must be dealt with while they are yet easy;
The great problems of the world must be dealt with while they are yet small.
Therefore the Sage by never dealing with great problems
Accomplishes greatness.”
Haiwang cyclone, thirty years brand, along with the time change, the technical development is progressing with each passing day. The original aspiration unchanged is the strict control and unremitting pursuit for the product details and quality for the passing 30 years.
Over 30 years, Haiwang cyclone always carry the concept of “pursuit for high-efficient separation”, being dedicated to provide high-efficient equipment, advanced technology and superior service for mining, coal, power and environmental protection, petrochemical industry and sands aggregate etc. fields, assisting customers for energy consumption and creation of higher value continuously.
The product occupation share is far ahead in domestic market, and products have been exported to Australia, Russia, Peru and India etc. over 50 countries, obtaining consistent approval from customers both In China and abroad.
“Quality is not guaranteed by inspection, but the manufacturing, design and management. That is coming from the custom, the “self-management spirit”
Haiwang has production base area of 150 thousands square meters and domestic leading manufacturing equipment and production line, which is equipped with high-power optical fiber laser cutting machine, automatic welding robot and the biggest cyclone shot blasting rust removal streamline in China, resulting in material preparation, machining, welding, dust removal and painting etc. advanced automatic fabrication procedure.

” Ingenuity is the soul of quality”
For one brand, quality is the control and pursuit of details while striving for excellence!
In any industry at any stage, only the top quality can forge the trust worthy brand so as to guarantee the leading position in the industry. Haiwang cyclone acts in obedience to the ingenuity to keep creating the crucial technology and consistently promote the optimized upgrading of products. We strive for the perfection in every step from product design, innovative upgrading of process, and fabrication mode of product etc. leading to the innovation of industrial development ceaselessly.

“After-sale service is the final quality barrier of product”
“Haiwang provides not only equipment of good quality, but more important is the professional superior technology and service!” Stick to the concept of mutual benefit to achieve win-win and value share. Haiwang will closely joint together with customer and cooperative partner for complementary advantages and resources sharing, making unremitting efforts for the mutual promotion of all the stakeholders!
Haiwang has technical service website covering all over the world.
The domestic user can receive technical service on the site within 24 hours, the service will be supplied no later than 48 hours for the customers in remote area and internal clients.
Our over 100 professional technical team can provide user with fore-sale technical consultation, model selection design, experiment, site guidance on assembly, commissioning and training etc. technical services.
The 30 years brand history, recognition from the global customers, leading technology in the industry and perfect customer service system, this is Haiwang quality!


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