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.Hydrocyclone Introduction

Hydrocyclone is one of the most important devices in the minerals industry, it is widely used in the mineral industry processing as a classifier, which has proved extremely efficient at fine separation size. Hydrocyclone is widely used in closed circuit grinding operations but it also has many other applications, such as desliming, degritting, and thickening.

.Purpose and Feature

The cyclones are used for the slurry classification and concentration. Cyclones Structural Characteristics:
1) The cyclones are made of rubber which features superior abrasion resistance, corrosive resistance, high strength. They are suited for grinding and classification process.
2) Cyclones features a unique involute inlet geometry designed to deliver maximum efficiency.
3) The cyclone is designed with reasonable flowing path, smooth interior surface and minimum leakage point etc. which, offer good classification efficiency, simple installation and easy maintenance.
4) Easy replacement of vortex finder and spigot is propitious to site maintenance.
5) Reasonable cone angle structure design ,increase the underflow yield and concentration, thus producet high concentration effective.
6) hard wearing material for lining, thus extending it’s service life. 7) reduce the dewatering energy consumption

.Hydro cyclone application

a) Metal mine application
b) Non-metal and chemical mines application
c) Desliming and desanding application in municipal field(bridge, tunnel, drilling ).
d) FDG project in electrical power plant (pulp preparation, gypsum dewatering , waste water treatment and emission)

.Spiral inlet chamber cyclone

I. Spiral Feeding chamber design
II. Decrease inlet turbulence & resistance
III. Decrease abrasion and energy consumption
IV. Capacity increased over 10%
V. Classification efficiency increased over 10%2 /p>

.Multi-cone cyclone

Advantages compared with common structure cyclone.
I. Multi-cone design.
II. Capacity increased by 20-30%.
III. Power consumption decreased over 15%.
IV. Realize finer classification with bigger diameter cyclone.

.Flat bottom cyclone

I. For ferrous ore primary grinding with classification fineness of -200 mesh less than 65%.
II. Less fine particle in underflow and increase efficiency over 10%.
III. Lower mill circulation load and capacity increased over 15%.
IV. Energy consumption saved over 12%.

.Large diameter cyclones for coarse coal classification

I. Classification size 0.2~0.3mm
II. Classification efficiency over 70%
III. Maximum diameter 1250mm by now
IV. Capacity 1200~1300m3/h
V. Energy consumption decreased by 20% with less than 0.1MPa feeding pressure

.Heavy medium cyclone

Heavy medium cyclone is device in which the mineral particles layer and separate by strong centrifugal force field according to density difference. Heavy medium cyclone could realize optimum separation by the flexible coordination of the internal structure parameters and external operation parameters.


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